At the garage Mariotti event Motul Italy for technicians from Russia, Ukraine and Singapore
Italy is still the home of knowledge and learning that the whole world envies us. The latest example was seen in Senigallia, workshops and rental cars Mariotti Massimo point, where he received a delegation of mechanical engineers, elettrauto and parts suppliers from some Asian countries for a day of training and information on new products Motul Italy is implementing in the field of maintenance of automatic transmissions for cars.

Point service and car through Genziane 18, Senigallia, arrived in fact the Turin vertices of Motul Italy, with the general manager Marco Baraldi in the lead, the sales manager Andrea Fehr and manager Paolo Nardi area that has accompanied, on a guided tour new equipment for automatic transmissions of cars, some industry experts from Russia, Singapore and Ukraine.


tecnici da Russia, Ucraina e Singapore all'autofficina Mariotti Massimotecnici da Russia, Ucraina e Singapore all'autofficina Mariotti Massimola dimostrazione Motul Italia all'autofficina Mariotti Massimo


With the support of the owner dell'autofficina Massimo Mariotti and Roberto Regni "Autorà", he is then required to Senigallia a time of high level training for the engineering industry, where innovative project for the maintenance of automatic transmissions for cars was presented "Motul Evo".


Motul Ages is a service that offers assistance to 360 ° and that takes its cue from a consideration of the automotive market and the statistical data of the vehicles currently on the road ", the registration of cars with automatic gearbox is growing and cars, including hybrid future will be equipped with automatic transmission - say Baraldi and Fehr in Italy 30 percent of vehicles composed of fleet of vehicles with automatic or automatic transmission in which, however, there is little information or in many cases a real misinformation in the event of inadequate maintenance .., you run the risk of having to replace a very important and expensive of the car. this is why we at Motul Italy we have chosen one of our best partners for this moment training to spare dealers parts, workshops, technicians, mechanics with the best equipment for washing and cleaning of automatic transmissions, even with online assistance ".

Taken from 23/09/2014