A more complete service for your car is the mission dell'Autofficina Mariotti Massimo Senigallia. Already workshop and rental cars, it is now also electrical repair. In continuous growth, the staff of Mariotti Massimo fact now also performs repairs and work on the electrical systems of your car.

The known shop is located in Via delle Genziane 18, and has been operating in the sector with a staff constantly updated.

Now electrical repair in Senigallia, the Car Repair Mariotti Massimo performs installation, replacement and repair of electrical parts of car batteries.

Mariotti performs work on car radio, parking sensors, hands-free kits and Bluetooth, alarm systems, satellite systems and xenon headlights.

And just getting closer to summer, the electrics Mariotti Massimo is at your disposal for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems of your car, and hygiene; the plant atmosphere and interior.

Taken from the SenigalliaNotizie.it 04/14/2014