Traveling by road in a safe vehicle is critical: you do short distances, or for long trips, you always have a reliable means available. In Senigallia the Mariotti Massimo Car Repair ensures you all this: repairs, overhauls and auto controls, but also rental vehicles for all needs.


The garage is distinguished by a long experience in the field, and, besides the repair of cars, now Mariotti Massimo is also a car hire in Senigallia: microbus nine seats, station wagons, cars, ...

The hotels and Senigallia accommodation can advise tourists to be addressing all'Autofficina Mariotti; but not only they may have need for a means to hire.

A car rental in Senigallia may also be useful for citizens who need a prestige car for work, or have to make long trips in safe conditions.

Renting a car all'Autofficina Mariotti Massimo is just a synonym for the street and reliable machine safety. The company in fact does not need to turn to third parties but is herself a professional in carrying out repairs and inspections, thus providing safe cars of customers.

The Senigallia whenever car Officina Mariotti Massimo are hired, to advance comprehensive check up are subjected; cars are also equipped with full comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance included.

Mariotti is authorized workshop for all types of cars, and performs controls to 360 ° on cars, repairs, overhauls, diagnostics, air conditioning systems, diesel vehicles with fap, petrol injection and is also elettrauto.

The garage of Senigallia rents cars, and for clients that lead to repair their machines are available courtesy car.

A complete service for your safety on all four wheels!

Taken from the 09.07.2012