All'autofficina Mariotti dimostrazione Motul Italia per tecnici da Russia, Ucraina e Singapore

Italy is still home to knowledge and knowledge that the whole world envisions us.

L'autofficina Mariotti Massimo è anche elettrauto

The Mariotti Massimo’s garage is also electrical repair.

A more complete service for your car is the mission dell'Autofficina Mariotti Massimo Senigallia. Already workshop and rental cars, it is now also electrical repair. In continuous growth, the staff of Mariotti Massimo fact now also performs repairs and work on the electrical systems of your car.

Autofficina Noleggio Auto Mariotti Massimo

Car Repair Rent a Car Mariotti Massimo

Traveling by road in a safe vehicle is critical: you do short distances, or for long trips, you always have a reliable means available. In Senigallia the Mariotti Massimo Car Repair ensures you all this: repairs, overhauls and auto controls, but also rental vehicles for all needs. 

Autofficina Mariotti