Pre revisions

Pre revisioniBefore the revision will carry out checks on the whole car.

Revisions (external service)

Revisioni auto

The car's revision will be carried out without additional costs compared with those established by the engine.



The Car Repair Mariotti performs computerized diagnosis Texa IDC4 instrument Motorscan Motorscan Jak 5600 and 5900 on all cars.

PuntoPro Autoservice Warranty

Garanzia PuntoPro Autoservice

At our garage coupons are performed on all cars (also new) without losing the warranty.

Air conditioning


They perform cleaning and charging the air conditioning system and any repairs, purifies and sanitation of the passenger compartment with antibacterial treatment.

Automobiles with FAP diesel

Vetture diesel con FAP

We carry out the cleaning and regeneration of the particulate filter.

Petrol Injection

Iniezione benzina

Courtesy Car

Auto di cortesia

If necessary, the Car Repair Mariotti Massimo during repair services provides its customers with a car.